Cpanel Email: How to Find My IMAP/POP Settings in the cPanel

Topic: This article describes how to find the email settings for configuring your email client to receive/send eamils.

Navigating to your email setting in cPanel:
  • In your browser enter your
  • Log in with your cPanel Username and pasword.
  • Then click on "Email Accounts" icon.
  • Find the mailbox you are setting up.
  • On the same row find "Configure Mail Client". Click on this link.
  • A set of setting will be displayed.
  • Some clients have an Auto Script that may be run to assist with the setup. Others do not and will need to be setup manually.
For the Auto Scripts:
  • Once you have found the client you want to setup in the table to the left click on the methode of configuration desiered to the right.
  • Click on "Proceed" and follow the instructions provided.
For Manual Setup:
  • Copy the setting to MS Word, Note Pad or other text editor and print out. This will keep you from having to switch views as you progress through the configuration steps.
  • Please referr to the article How to Configure My Outlook To Connect To My Emailbox.

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