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Intel Rolls Out Powerful Xeon E7 v3 Chips

Intel on Tuesday announced the availability of the Xeon E7 v3 processor family for scale-out data center operations and big data analytics solutions that are increasingly transforming how people do business.

Xeon E7 v3 chips boast up to 18 dual-threaded cores and up to 45MB of L3 cache, helping these processors deliver a 40 percent performance boost over the preceding generation of Xeon E7 v2 parts, according to Intel.

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Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Make the Move From Windows Server 2003

July 14, 2015. That's the date. Microsoft will terminate extended support for Windows Server 2003. And it's right around the corner. This means that there will be no more patches for security vulnerabilities or non-security defects from Microsoft. Nor will there be support for third-party applications, as defects in the underlying OS can't be addressed.

Yet there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for what to do with all of your Windows Server 2003 servers. The migration process could take months depending on how complex existing systems are. And options abound. You could migrate to a newer Windows Server OS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, another cloud provider, or even another server OS. With so many options it may be difficult to make a choice and take action.

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Migrating From Windows Server 2003: What You Need to Know

On July 14 Microsoft will terminate extended support for Windows Server 2003. This means that there will be "no more patches fixing security vulnerabilities, non-security defects," etc. If Windows Server 2003 and the applications running on it play a critical role in your infrastructure, you need to start migrating to a new server platform now (if you haven't already).

While migration begins with the physical or virtual server and the operating system, it doesn't stop there. Ensuring a smooth upgrade path for applications will minimize downtime. It's important to understand the ramifications of migration up and down the stack, from operating system to database to application to Web front end. There are plenty of places to break the stack during migration, so careful planning and testing are requirements that need to be built into your project timeline.

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Save $500+ on Lenovo ThinkServer TS440

This is a little bit of a DIY project, but most of the work here is already done.

Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 The quad-core Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 is currently on sale for just $299.99 when you buy from TigerDirect. And while this configuration normally sells for $829.99, today's deal will instantly save you $530—a whopping 63 percent off the sticker price. Even better, the shipping is free. Related StoryGet this deal On the inside, this model features a quad-core 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics P4600, 4GB of RAM, and a DVD burner. Keep in mind, this is a barebones server, though. It doesn't ship with an operating system or a hard drive. This is a little bit of a DIY project, but most of the work here is already done. So if you're comfortable installing drives yourself, this is a superb bargain. Why bother investing in server hardware anyway? Besides the powerful Xeon-class CPU, it also has loads of room for expansion. It offers two 5.25-inch drive bays, four hot-swappable 3.5-inch drive bays, four RAM slots (room for 32GB), three PCIe slots, a PCI slot, and eight USB ports. If affordable versatility is what you're looking for out of a tower, the ThinkServer TS440 is what you need. Additionally, it's 80 Plus Gold certified and Energy Star qualified, so you can rest assured that it won't be needlessly running up your power bill. And if you run into hardware problems, it's covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. If you've ever wanted a server of your very own, this truly is the perfect opportunity. For more great deals, check out TechBargains.com. Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the PCMag Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Save $500+ on a Dell PowerEdge T110 II Dual-Core Server

There's no hard drive or operating system, but even with those additional costs, this is still a top-notch value.

Dell PowerEdge T110 II Dual-Core Server For a limited time, Dell is selling the bare-bones PowerEdge T110 II dual-core server for just $259. Without any need for a coupon or rebate, you'll instantly save $507 off the list price by ordering directly from Dell. Related StoryGet this deal On the inside, this model sports a dual-core 3.3GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, a gigabit network adaptor, and a DVD drive. However, no hard drive or operating system come along with your purchase, so you'll need to invest in those as well. You can snag 2TB drives for about $70 a pop, and an OEM copy of Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) is already less than $90 on Amazon. But even with those additional costs factored in, this is still a top-notch value. Better yet, one year of Pro support is included at no extra cost. Whether you plan on using this as a server for your small business or simply as network-attached storage at home, you can rest easy knowing that you're covered if a problem crops up. No matter what time of day, you'll have access to enterprise-grade support to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Not interested in opening up the case to install drives by hand? Fear not! You can easily customize your machine during checkout to include drives, an operating system, and additional memory. The cost will be significantly higher, but that's the price you have to pay for convenience. For more great deals, check out TechBargains.com. Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the PCMag Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Business Choice Awards 2016: Servers

The client/server relationship goes back decades and even as the cloud permeates our culture, it's very unlikely to stop anytime soon. A server holds files and programs closer than the Internet, but not quite as close as your local hard drive, so it's all sharable and yet imminently accessible. That's why in our recent survey covering network-attached storage (NAS) devices and servers, we took time to ask PCMag readers specifically how they feel about the servers they use at the office, from SOHOs up to big enterprises. The results are below.

You can be part of Business Choice! Sign up for the Readers' Choice Survey mailing list to receive invitations in the future.

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Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU Gets a PCIe Version

A single P100 delivers the performance of dozens of traditional CPU nodes.

Nvidia Tesla P100 PCIe Nvidia's Tesla P100 GPU, capable of replacing dozens of traditional CPU nodes to speed up the processing of complex algorithms, will now be offered in a PCIe form factor, the company announced today. PCIe makes it easier for the P100 to be installed in the server banks that can benefit most from its ability to accelerate computing tasks, especially the machine-learning algorithms that power artificial intelligence applications. When Nvidia originally announced the P100 in April, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang described his company as "all-in" when it comes to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The P100 is based on the Pascal GPU architecture. With support for PCIe Gen 3, which offers a bandwidth of 32GB per second, each P100 processor provides the throughput of more than 32 CPU-based nodes. Its 18.7 teraflops of half-precision performance, however, means that the PCIe version will take a slight performance hit compared to the original P100, which offers 21 teraflops. That difference won't be much of an issue for massive server banks, but it could be noticeable for smaller installations, such as autonomous car testing. Non-server farm customers for whom that performance drop presents an issue will likely consider Nvidia's in-house supercomputer offering, the P100-powered DGX-1. Using eight Tesla P100 cores, it delivers 170 teraflops of half-precision peak performance, the equivalent of 250 CPU-based servers. The first PCIe-based P100s will be available in servers from Dell, HP, IBM, and other companies beginning in fall 2016. One of its first applications will be in Europe's fastest supercomputer, the Piz Daint system at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Lugano.
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Open-Source PowerShell Now Available on Mac and Linux

Automating server tasks just got a lot easier for Mac and Linux users, thanks to Microsoft's decision to open source its PowerShell automation platform and scripting language for Windows and Windows Server.

PowerShell is a task-based, command-line scripting language built on the .NET Framework, which helps IT professionals control and automate the administration of servers. .NET itself completed a gradual open-source transition earlier this year, following Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin.

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Nutanix Finally Offers IPO, Sees Success As Stock Spikes

After several false starts, hyper-converged infrastructure developer Nutanix on Friday finally completed its IPO.

And, in a time when tech IPOs have not been doing well, Nutanix's IPO stands out for a surprising opening day success.

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NetApp To Unveil 'Hard Deck' Program To Assure Partners They Get SMB Storage Sales Exclusivity

NetApp is in the process of rolling out a "hard deck" program and other changes to its channel program, targeting accelerated growth in the storage vendor's small and midsize business market.

A "hard deck" in channel terms is a program in which a vendor sets aside a certain number of customers or potential customers, typically its largest, as targets for either its direct sales team or direct sales working with partners, and leaving the rest to be handled exclusively by solution providers.

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Apple & Deloitte Team Up to Accelerate Business Transformation on iPhone & iPad

View a mobile-optimized version on Apple Newsroom

Deloitte Introduces New Apple Practice to Help Businesses Design & Implement iPhone & iPad Solutions

CUPERTINO, California and NEW YORK — September 28, 2016 — Apple® and Deloitte today announced a partnership to help companies quickly and easily transform the way they work by maximizing the power, ease-of-use and security the iOS platform brings to the workplace through iPhone® and iPad®. As part of the joint effort, Deloitte is creating a first-of-its-kind Apple practice with over 5,000 strategic advisors who are solely focused on helping businesses change the way they work across their entire enterprise, from customer-facing functions such as retail, field services and recruiting, to R&D, inventory management and back-office systems. 

Apple and Deloitte will also collaborate on the development of a new service offering from Deloitte Consulting called EnterpriseNext, designed to help clients fully take advantage of the iOS ecosystem of hardware, software and services in the workplace. The new offering will help customers discover the highest impact possibilities within their industries and quickly develop custom solutions through rapid prototyping.

“We know that iOS is the best mobile platform for business because we’ve experienced the benefit ourselves with over 100,000 iOS devices in use by Deloitte’s workforce, running 75 custom apps,” said Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte Global. “Our dedicated Apple practice will give global businesses the expertise and resources they need to empower their mobile workforce to take advantage of the powerful ecosystem iOS, iPhone and iPad offer, and help them achieve their ambitions, while driving efficiency and productivity.”

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Michael Dell And Chuck Robbins Are VCE BFFs

Have no fear channel partners, the "C" in VCE is staying intact. Cisco Systems CEO Chuck Robbins and Dell CEO Michael Dell shook hands and pledged their allegiance to their VCE alliance and its $3 billion Vblock business in a face-to-face video interview.

"Everywhere I go our customers have asked, ‘What's the commitment to Vblock?'" said Robbins in a one-on-one sit-down with Michael Dell posted on YouTube by Dell EMC. "From our perspective it drives UCS, it drives our Nexus portfolio, it drives our ACI portfolio -- so we are committed. … We both feel like our customers and our partners can continue to invest with confidence."

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macOS Sierra Now Available as a Free Update

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Siri Comes to Mac with All-New Capabilities for the Desktop

CUPERTINO — September 20, 2016 — Apple® today announced that macOS™ Sierra, the latest major release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, is now available as a free update. macOS Sierra brings Siri® to the Mac® with intelligent and helpful features users know and love from iPhone® and iPad®, along with all-new capabilities designed specifically for use on the desktop. Features like Universal Clipboard, iCloud® Desktop and Documents, Auto Unlock and Apple Pay® on the web help your Mac work even better with other Apple devices. And Photos gets an update with a new Memories feature that automatically creates curated collections of your favorite photos and videos.

Siri on the Mac can help send messages and email, find documents, look up information, search a user’s photo library, adjust system preferences and more. Users can also drag and drop Siri results into documents or pin them into their Today view for later reference. Universal Clipboard allows users to copy content from an app on one Apple device and paste it into another app on a different Apple device. With iCloud Desktop and Documents users can now access the files on their Desktop from iPhone and iPad. And Auto Unlock lets users automatically log into their Mac when they are wearing an authenticated Apple Watch®.

Apple Pay on the web makes the online shopping experience in Safari® more convenient and secure than ever. Shoppers can now click the Apple Pay button at checkout on nearly 300,000 participating websites, including 1-800-Flowers, Gilt, Instacart, Lululemon, Warby Parker and more, and then complete their purchase with Touch ID® on iPhone 6 or later or with Apple Watch. Users’ credit or debit card information is not shared with online merchants and strong encryption protects all communication between a user’s device and Apple Pay servers.

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Nutanix IPO Update: New S-1 Filing Updates Financials, Outlines Increased Competitive Threat From Dell-EMC

Hyper-converged infrastructure developer Nutanix is making yet another run at an IPO, according to a new S-1 filing.

In the fifth amendment of its S-1, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Monday, Nutanix said it expects to sell up to 16.1 million shares of Class A common stock at between $11.00 and $13.00 per share.

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5 Key Points From Gartner's Q2 Server Market Report

Surveying The Server Scene

Dell made gains while Hewlett Packard Enterprise saw steep year-over-year declines but retained its position atop the revenue mountain in the global server market in the second quarter, according to research firm Gartner.

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Channel Beat: Apple Won't Disclose iPhone 7 Sales

Apple is breaking from tradition with the sale of its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones in that it won't disclose first-weekend sales numbers.

In years past, Apple has proudly touted the number of sales during phone launches.

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Dell Technologies' Haas To Partners: 'There Will Be No Unknowns' In New Channel Program

Channel partners Wednesday get their first official look at the changes Dell Technologies is making to its partner program as it races to establish a new, integrated program by the beginning of its next fiscal year.

Details about the program began to emerge as soon as Dell completed its $58 billion acquisition of EMC last week. The changes were generally well received by partners, who said the company has done a good job of listening to the channel and taking action to ensure partners are treated fairly.

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Veritas Criticizes Competitors--Including Dell/EMC, Nutanix and SimpliVity--As Unfit To Help Customers With Digital Transformation


Veritas Technologies on Tuesday went on the offensive against a wide range of storage competitors, from EMC to SimpliVity, saying those vendors stand in the way of the kind of digital transformation that customers need -- and some are already undertaking.

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Here's How Dell-EMC Would Have Stacked Up In The Cloud Infrastructure Race As A Single Entity In Q2

Dell's acquisition of EMC has positioned the newly combined companies, now known as Dell Technologies, among the leaders on all major fronts for supplying technology to build cloud systems, according to a report released Tuesday by Synergy Research Group.

Synergy's compilation of Q2 financial disclosures reveals that had Dell and EMC been tabulated together in the quarter, the combined entity would have been nipping on the heels of the two dominant players in cloud hardware.

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Swift Playgrounds Now Available on the App Store

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New iPad App Makes Learning to Code Easy & Fun for Everyone

CUPERTINO — September 13, 2016 — Swift Playgrounds™, an innovative new iPad® app from Apple® that makes learning to code easy and fun for everyone, is now available on the App Store®. With Swift Playgrounds, real coding concepts are brought to life with an interactive interface that allows students and beginners to explore working with Swift™, the easy-to-learn programming language from Apple used by professional developers to create world-class apps.

The Swift Playgrounds app is approachable enough for students with no previous programming experience to begin exploring key coding concepts, but also powerful enough for skilled programmers to experiment and express their creativity using Swift.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to learn coding, and we are excited to bring Swift Playgrounds to the next generation of programmers looking for a fun and easy way to explore key coding concepts using real code,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “More than 100 schools around the world have already committed to adding Swift Playgrounds to their fall curriculum, and we can’t wait to see what students create with it.”

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  • It has been such a pleasure to work with Elevology and especially its CEO, Donnie Rollins. From the very beginning, Donnie was so immersed in understanding our condo and our marketing needs. He was good about listenings and then suggesting and bouncing ideas off of us. As he took our conversations and tied them into reality, he truly captured the essence of who we are and where we wanted to go. We could not be more pleased with Donnie, with Elevology and with our new web site.
    Carol Loeb, President
    Sandcastle Council of Owners Association
  • My new look is Chic modern and mobile friendly.
    Charlotte Neal
    Houston Outcall Massage
  • Elevology offers great service and Donnie is always quick to answer any questions or concerns I have. I highly recommend them for your small business online services, they will not disappoint.
    Las Vegas
  • Our experience with Elevology has been of the utmost professionalism and quality. Mr. Rollins is a pleasure to work with. He promptly responds to our requests when changes are necessary to our web site. We highly recommend Elevology.
    Carl and Laurel Milentz
    Milentz Self Storage
  • Donnie Rollins is a great asset to our company and has an outstanding work ethic! He not only goes above and beyond the call of duty, but he has actually become part of our evolving progress to serve our overseas customers. I am very appreciative of Donnie Rollins' involvement in the branding of our company and his creative development of our website. We look forward to our many more years of great service and advice from a gentleman we consider part of our team.
    Tom George, CEO
  • We very much appreciate Mr. Rollin’s pleasant demeanor and his quick responses to when we have problems or need assistance in problem solving. As for this Court we would highly recommend Mr. Rollins and his company, Elevology, for any and all IT service needs.
    Connie Crenshaw CMCC
    Municipal Court Clerk Administrator
    City of Luling, Caldwell County, Texas
  • After recently acquiring a competitor and effectively doubling our production, we decided a make-over was in order. The team at Elevology worked with us in the midst of transition to totally re-design our company logo, websites, and install a voip phone network. Every aspect of the job has been handled with obvious dedication to meeting customer needs. Elevology is a prime pick for IT needs, web design, and more.
    J. Carroll
    AJAX Environmental
  • I like Donnie a lot, he is a good person. He is very smart and very efficient. I like the fact that he takes his personal Christian values to his company which to me it's honest, trustworthy, efficient and very professional. I would love to use Elevology with any personal and professional projects I have in the future.
    Karen Rocha

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